Lake Country & Peachland Volunteers Needed   Lake Country  Peachland 
Emergency Support Services Central Okanagan, Provincial Emergency Program
The RDCO Emergency Support Services team relies on volunteers whose aid is invaluable when an emergency arises in the Central Okanagan. ESS provides short-term assistance to those who are forced to leave their homes because of fire, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. Volunteers are needed in both Lake Country and Peachland to serve their communities in times of disaster whether it’s one individual or thousands affected, by assisting in providing food, clothing, lodging & family reunification.
Emergency Disaster Services   Kelowna  Lake Country  Peachland  Westside 
The Salvation Army Kelowna Ministries, Kelowna Community Church
EDS mobilizes during a fire or similar crisis in the community. The specific task of the CCRU (Community Crisis Response Unit - mobile truck and kitchen), is to provide food and water for firemen and other emergency personnel on site. 
Volunteer team members serve as: 
EDS CCRU Driver 
EDS On Location with CCRU Cook and Server 
EDS CCRU and CCRU Garage Cleaning Crew 
EDS Emotional and Spiritual Care Team 
If you wish to be a candidate for EDS service please indicate this category as a volunteer interest. Please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Tamara, for more information and further questions you may have at 250-860-2329 ext. 333.